World Class Hunting Meets the Ultimate in Luxury Lodges

February 16, 2023

The premiere outfitter of world-class hunting destinations and luxury lodges, Venator is the global outfitter of choice for hunting red stags.

Offering locations across New Zealand, Spain, and North America, Venator offers unmatched hunting experiences and luxurious accommodations that have to be experienced to be believed.

Welcome to the home of the Red Giants

While many come to hunt with Venator because of our world class hunting experiences and reputation for being the global leader in red stag hunting in New Zealand, they often return to visit our other Venator destinations in North America and Spain.

Hunters who visit Venator locations can expect to encounter some of the largest and most majestic red stags in existence, with trophy specimens that are among the largest in the world and to experience the finest hospitality at Venator’s luxurious lodges. 

Sizable Elk await

In addition to red stag hunting, Venator offers a wide range of other hunting opportunities, including elk, fallow deer, tahr, chamois, Arapawa ram, goat, waterfowl hunting and fly fishing. Venator's experienced guides and wider team pride themselves on providing exceptional service and are committed to ensuring that every hunter and guest has the best possible experience during their time with us.

The ultimate way to unwind after a day in the field watching the sun drop behind the mountains

More than simply a the hunting experience in must-visit destinations, Venator's Lodges offer luxurious accommodations and comfort and concierge-style services.

Each Lodge has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, with services and amenities including as onsite hosts, gourmet dining with private chefs, luxury spa services, boutique shopping, wine tours, leisure and recreational outdoor activities that our destinations are famous for.

The lodges are located in some of the most breathtaking and outstanding natural landscape settings in the world, offering clients and guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquility of outstanding natural landscapes while enjoying the finest in hospitality.

With unparalleled red stag hunting experiences, luxurious accommodations, and commitment to our clients present, past and future, Venator's hunting locations are a must-visit for all discerning hunters.

From hunt to table you'll enjoy gourmet dining experiences personally crafted by your private chef