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Hunting red stag
in New Zealand

The home of big game adventures

For many hunters, red stags are the ultimate big game trophy, providing a genuine ‘larger than life’ experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Venator New Zealand is home to one of the largest privately-owned red deer trophy herds in the world, and thanks to decades of carefully focused game management, the quality of red stag hunting at Venator is unbeatable.

The world’s largest red stags can be found at Venator New Zealand – which is just one more reason Venator is the global standard in big game hunting.

red stags

We take great pride in providing amazing hunting experiences for red stags, with great mass, exceptional width and long scoring points. With our world-record red stags scoring in excess of 700 SCI and 20kg of antler, we’ve gained considerable acclaim for producing world-class trophies year after year.

Best time to hunt red stag

As New Zealand’s seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn down under is the magical time of year for hunting – particularly when stalking red stag. From Late March to early April the red stag rut is reaching its peak, which makes it the ideal time for hunting in New Zealand.

New Zealand

Venator offers the best of New Zealand in one unforgettable big game hunting experience. Set against a picture-perfect backdrop, Venator New Zealand is the definitive red stag hunting destination for the whole family.

From the unmistakable beauty of our South Island surrounds, to the luxury of our 6 star accommodation serving the finest New Zealand cuisine, we specialise in creating moments that will take your breath away.

No matter what you are looking for, we’ll go beyond to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime hunting big game in New Zealand, the world’s most beautiful location.