The moment your boots hit the ground, you are on a path that will redefine hunting and adventure. Our team of expert guides will bring your dreams to life in the land of majestic peaks and record-setting trophy beasts.


The quality of the elk and red deer in the Venator herd are unmatched in North America. No other hunting location can claim as many top 10 elk and red stag entries in the SCI record book.


We provide guests with the ultimate hunt in an environment of unparalleled natural beauty. Whether massive elk or giant red deer, the perfect experience is at your doorstep. 

Face to face
with giants

The only creatures that know these hills better than our guides are the animals themselves. With favorable terrain and abundant cover, we can get you within yards of colossal elk and red stag.

Any closer and they would hear your heart pounding in your chest. Does anything compare to being that close to a roaring stag or a bugling bull elk?

Adventures like no other

We provide an unforgettable North American adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Giant, world-record red stags are just the beginning of the perfect hunt. 

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