Venator Laurentian Wildlife Estate is the ideal base for an adventure that harnesses both the wildness and the culture on offer in Québec. Immerse yourself in the warm and charming atmosphere created by the province’s unique French Canadian culture.

Lose yourself 

In under two hours you can be in Montréal - the world’s fourth largest French speaking city. A place where arts, culture and fine dining collide in a cosmopolitan experience like no other. Take in one of the many festivals or stroll the botanical gardens. With churches, museums and parks to explore, you will soon find yourself lost in the charms of this captivating island city.

Old world charm

To the East is Québec City. Founded in 1608, this charming city has a fortified old town at its centre where you can find the Citadelle and Palace Royal amongst a maze of quaint cobbled streets. Visit the majestic plains of Abraham and stay at the famous Chateau Frontenac hotel overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

Adventure on tap

Thirty minutes to the north is the European-styled resort town of Mont Tremblant. Here you will find a year-round haven for adventurers. With upwards of 100 ski trails and vast areas of hiking and mountain biking terrain, Mont Tremblant is the perfect accompaniment to your stay. 

Find yourself

Back at the lodge, guests can wander the estate, enjoying the pristine mountain air and echoing birdsong. A walk around our private lake is a must, especially in the fall when the estate is shrouded in hues of red and gold. 

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