While our country is not restricted by a big game hunting season we operate from late February to mid-August. It’s important to remember that the seasons here are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

Game Animal Seasons


Summer brings the unique opportunity to hunt Chamois and Tahr in their summer coats. It’s also a chance to look over plenty of Red Stags and Sika in the open country and pick a monumental trophy before the rut takes its toll.


Autumn is when the big hunt begins – with the Red Stag rut reaching its peak in late March and early April. Sika stags are also out in the open, joined by Fallow bucks mid-season.


There is a lot of great hunting to be enjoyed during the New Zealand winter! It’s the last time Red Stags and Sika trophies will be widely available, while Chamois and Tahr coats are still in their prime.


The start of spring sees the last good chance for hunting Chamois and Tahr, with Rusa and Sambar still available through November. The fishing season gets underway on 1 October, so this is the perfect time for the avid angler.

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