We provide a home for one of the largest privately-owned trophy Red Stag herds in the South Pacific. Thanks to decades of carefully focused game management, the quality of a Venator New Zealand Red Stag is unbeatable.

Larger than life New Zealand Red Stag hunting

We take great pride in providing a variety of eye-catching New Zealand Red Stags with great mass, exceptional width and long scoring points. A trophy this big provides our hunters with a genuine ‘larger than life’ experience – it’s an exceptional time that you’ll never forget.

From quality stock

Between 1861 and 1919 more than 250 Red Stag were released here for sport hunting. Most of this stock came from the great English parks, with some sourced from the Scottish Highlands. With no natural predators, plenty of food and initial protection from hunting, they spread quickly throughout the country.

The world’s greatest antlers

By the 20th century, New Zealand Red Stags had made a big impact on our beautiful native forests. It’s been a history of many twists and turns. Get ready to take some of your own as you pursue the greatest antlers in the world.

World Class Trophies


Hunt the largest Red Stags in the world, at New Zealand’s exclusive Venator New Zealand Game Reserve.


Our South Island game estates are home to ‘larger than life’ New Zealand Red Stags scoring in excess of 600 SCI and 20kg of antler


Claim the finest New Zealand Red Stags with eye-catching heads, sizeable mass, great width and strong scoring points.

Adventures like no other

We provide an unforgettable New Zealand adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Giant, world-record red stags are just the beginning of the perfect hunt. We also offer a wide variety of big and small game hunts to complement any trip.

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