Fallow Deer

A beautiful pursuit

Cardrona Safaris’ privately-owned hunting areas have herds of impressive palmated Fallow bucks ready for pursuit. These beautiful animals are small compared with other deer, but don’t let that fool you.

A challenging

Fallow are very aggressive during their rutting period of April and May, and you’ll need to be on your toes to claim the best of the best. With their unique antlers and variation in colours (ranging from black and pure white to menil or spotted) they make a fantastic trophy for any big game hunter.

Test your ability

Keep your eye on the prize when tracking the Fallow buck. They’re agile, making leaps up to 1.75 metres high and 5 metres long, and fast – over short distances they can reach up to 30mph.

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We provide an unforgettable New Zealand adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Giant, world-record red stags are just the beginning of the perfect hunt. We also offer a wide variety of big and small game hunts to complement any trip.

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